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Anton Goosen

Anton Goosen has been rocking and he has been rolling for decades. Powerfully influenced by Bob Dylan, among many others, Goosen has set an solid, immovable foundation in the industry of South African rock music. From the humble roots of Heidelberg, South Africa’s legendary singer and songwriter, popularly known as “die vader” (the father) of Afrikaans Rock, is the epitome of a musician who in a veracious and compelling manner encapsulates what it means to express deep feeling and meaning through tunes. If radical is a person, it’s without a doubt, Anton Goosen.

Valiant Swart

Valiant Swart, known for his most celebrated song “Sonvanger” in his Maanhare album, is one of South Africa’s most beloved Afrikaans rocker, folkie and bi-lingual singers. But the astounding musician and influential songwriter from Wellington is significantly more than just a singer. He is a master in musical poetry. How Valiant breaks musical and linguistic boundaries is exceptionally inspiring, particularly through the creative way that he continues to use his music to extend his expression and culture through memorable and captivating live performances.


Ever heard of the saying, great things come in fives? Levinia is an eccentrically diverse quintet band made up of the most zestful and wild-spirited individuals. Levinia binds their magical essence of progressive South African blues with gusto in the charming city of jacarandas: Pretoria. Where Justin Snyman beats the drum and Laura Pretorious rumbles the bass, where Vince Rynders and Illimar Neitz majestically combine strings with Jean-Claude Myburgh's soulful vocal hits to the heart, is where an extraordinary world is entered.

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