Countless music genres can trace their lineage back to the blues, ensuring that there’s a little bit of blues in just about every other song you’ll hear.

Blues is integral to the DNA of music today. And so, the South African Blues Society was born.

Founded in 2011, the SABS is a registered non-profit that promotes the blues genre, celebrating this timeless music and facilitating education through blues music. But, because of the ubiquity of blues, don’t be surprised when you see diverse music — from heavy rock to folk — at our events.

Inspired by the blues itself, collaboration is an integral part of how we operate. We’ve collaborated with a multitude of artists, built lasting relationships with  venues, and built a tight-knit community around the love of blues.

We host unmissable events where we get down to the blues and other good vibes.

We also see blues as a vehicle to uplift communities, by hosting workshops in towns nationwide, igniting interest in music and giving guitar lessons as we go. With the blues having engulfed the entire world, we also collaborate outside our borders with the likes of the Blues Foundation.

Blues and the countless other genres it has birthed is more than just an art form, heritage or culture, but an enigmatic feeling anyone can relate to.

Our Vision

Our vison is to develop the rich creative potential this beautiful country holds.

Our Mission

The SA Blues Society’s mission is to use music as the canvas to paint a bright future with tools such as education, talent scouting and community upliftment.

Upcoming events

Get ready to immerse yourself in the sounds of blues. Our upcoming events promise unforgettable experiences filled with soulful music, electrifying performances, and a true sense of community. From heavy rock to folk, we’ll have a little something for everyone. So, whether you’re a lifelong blues fan or just looking for a good time, join us for an unmissable series of good vibes and even better music. Let’s groove together at the beat of the blues!

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